Coexistence was formed in 2015 in Siena, Italy by Mirko Battaglia Pitinello (guitar/vocal).

After several changes in 2016 they reach the final line-up with Mirko Battaglia Pitinello (guitar/vocal) Leonardo Bellavista (guitar), Christian Luconi (bass) and Alessandro Formichi (drums).

In the last days of 2016 the band release their first single "Ultimatum", available on Bandcamp.

The first live performance arrive in the mid of 2017 and it will be the beginning of a huge series of live shows. In January 2018 the band reaches a deal with ETN Records for the production of their first release "Contact with the Entity", the EP will see the light in May 2018.

After the release of the EP and some shows the band starts to focus more into the new songs.

In April 2019 they record and publish a new demo and soon after, with the help of their manager Tito Vespasiani, they found the label Transcending Obscurity Records.

The release of their first full-length is planned to be in spring 2020.




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