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Pedaltrigger® is a universal kick drum trigger, new technology, accuracy on triggering and reliability.

Pedaltrigger® is designed for all the drummers tired due to problems of traditional triggers (missing hits, accidental multi hits, problems with module settings etc.).

Pedaltrigger® avoid trigger issues:
missing hits, accidental multi hits, problems with module settings etc., too much time spent on adjusting, don’t need to install trigger every time you change drum set (for example live event), your trigger is already mounted on your pedal. Just plug and play.


– Universal trigger for all drum pedals. Avoids unwanted multi strokes
– Avoids missing strokes
– No more time wasted adjusting bass drum head tension to make the trigger work decently

PEDALTRIGGER® is composed by two pieces. A mini-beater and a sensor.

  • Mini beater goes to the drum pedal beater attachment, fixed with clamp.
  • The sensor is fixed to the drum pedal structure.
  • The mini beater follows the movement of the real beater. When the real beater give the stroke to the drum head, the minibeater give the stroke to the sensor.
    The sensor has a 1/4 mono jack (6,3mm) to plug it to the drum module.

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